Midea string api set



Latest release: 1.0.0


Midea is a robust c string api set with regex support, handling fixed width 8 to 64 bit character sets at runtime (no recompilation is required).

Please read the LICENSE for details on this software's open source license.

Some of the unique things about midea's architecture:

1. Code does not need recompilation to support different sized fixed-width strings, nor special #defines or #includes.

2. Internal single string and string array memory management.

3. Strong object oriented (OOP) design. A string is accessed by a container comprised of an iterator, an end pointer, and its character set size.

4. A string can be looked at "from the back" instead of "from the front" by reversing it's container, without any performance penalty.

5. All functions handed a "back" container behave symetrically to a "front" container, with identical performance in either direction.

6. Two strings are not required to have identical character set width or container direction to be processed by a function.

7. Standard functionality includes "init", "free", "resize", "copy", "empty", "insert", "compare", "find & replace".

8. Provides a c-style "printf" to build a string, and a perl "regex" to decompose a string. The "regex" supports scanf style auto-conversions for non-string types.

9. Supports token "match" functionality that simplifies extraction of key/value pairs found in such standards as xml.

10. Implements the perl "split" and "join" functionality.

Status of release 1.0.0

1. utf8 functionality is not supported in the 1.0.0 release.

2. Makefile(s) are only included for linux. The "tmake" *.pro files are present for generating makefiles for other platforms (see

3. Both debug and release builds have been tested, including validation that inlining is occuring as expected with release builds. Compilers used: GNU gcc.